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Metal Frames and Trusses

Creating and erecting superb solutions for any project

CMC Steel Solutions are the trusted source for metal frames and trusses for a wide range of projects, both in Melbourne itself and right across the state of Victoria.

For more than a decade we have used our own stage-of-the-art facility in Craigieburn to match the precise requirements of clients in the property and construction industries. Many have used us on multiple occasions, and have been happy to recommend our professionalism and true value to friends, work acquaintances, or family members.

Why choose metal frames and trusses?

CMC products deliver a range of key benefits

Over the years, our many clients have discovered a wide range of valuable reasons for asking our experienced team to create metal frames and trusses for their projects. Key amongst these are:

  • The structure delivers proven results, neither warping or twisting; a perfect partnership of vital strength and enduring performance
  • Unlike other alternatives, metal frames and trusses will not shrink and are also impervious to damaging fungal growth
  • Melbourne’s fickle climate is often a mystery to many of us; but we do know that our products are ready to handle any of the changes and extremes we are subject to. Of course, steel is also a proven lightning conductor
  • The metal trusses, crafted in-house by our experienced CMC Steel Solutions team, can also cover greater lengths than if you were using timber in your project
  • With an eye to the future, like many Melbournians, we are proud that our products are recyclable. This is an increasingly important consideration for clients who wish to be recognised as eco-conscious.

CMC Steel Solutions

From idea to erection; a proven partner

Whether your needs for metal frames and trusses are for your own domestic project, or a commercial undertaking, our experienced team will provide all the assistance you require to create the outcomes you require.

Of course our estimates are comprehensive and obligation-free. We take time to understand both your specific needs, and the locations where our finished products will be used. From this, we can then craft a unique 3D BIM model of the finished frames and trusses. Reviewing these with you, we ensure that everything is spot-on before you give us the go-ahead. 

We then create the product at Craigieburn, in our superb facility, and can deliver them to your location for you to erect as required, or we can undertake the erection for you, if that’s your preference. Of course, all connectors and construction drawings are part of our great-value package; and a reg 126 Certificate is also provided.

What are your metal frames and trusses needs?

Simply complete our enquiry from; we’ll be in touch for you to explain all about your upcoming requirements