Light Gauge Steel Fabricators Melbourne

CMC Steel Solutions are one of Australia’s leading fabricators of engineered steel frames.

CMC Steel Solutions

Unmatched fabrication and erection outcomes

Our steel frame solutions are the choice of many commercial and residential project managers and leaders, both in Melbourne and across wider Victoria.

With unmatched expertise, and a state-of-the-art production facility in Craigieburn, we truly understand the unique needs of many projects in our city and state. Much of our work is repeat business, and through recommendation by satisfied clients. We aim to deliver the finest fabricated steel product, on-time and within budget. 

Why fabricated steel frames are the right choice

Benefits recognised across the construction industry

For over seventy years, commercial and residential construction projects have been trusting fabricated steel products to deliver the results they require. Here are some of the key reasons for such a wise choice:

Working with CMC Steel Solutions

From initial requirements to finished product

Local knowledge is so important when undertaking commercial or residential construction projects. Our Melbourne-based team has a decade and more of successful experience to bring to bare.

This starts with your initial contact. Our team always takes the time needed to fully understand all the unique requirements of any project. This includes local conditions, timescales and budget considerations.

Our comprehensive quotation is obligation-free, and will offer superb value. It will reflect the fabrication and erection needs, whether in our own Craigieburn facility or at your project location.

The finest of light-gauge steel products

Superb 3D modelling

Through the use of superb 3D BIM modelling software, we can be sure that your requirements are fully met before you give us the go-ahead to undertake the agreed custom fabrication work.

All the materials we supply are covered by a reg 126 certificate. If you wish to erect the steel fabrications yourself, then full plans and all connections will also be supplied. If you have any questions, we are always happy to provide all the information you require.

We make use of the finest of material products in our work. And that means a trusted brand name such as industry-leading TRUECORE® steel. 

Our aim is quite simple: to provide the finest of light-gauge steel products; and to ensure our clients are always completely satisfied with the work we undertake for them.

So how can we help you?

Take a moment to complete our enquiry form, and one of our team will quickly be in touch for an obligation-free discussion of your residential or commercial project needs